Our Philosophy

Welcome to Apollo Bay Preschool

Apollo Bay Preschool has been providing kindergarten programs for many generations in our picturesque, coastal town along the beautiful Great Ocean Road. As a community program we value working in partnership with families and are managed by a parent voluntary committee of management. We hold several fundraising events as well as working bees throughout the year, to provide revenue for vital projects and equipment for the centre. We rely on the participation of our preschool families to make these a success.

Apollo Bay Preschool Philosophy


Each child is recognised as an individual. Learning is an individual process that occurs in a number of sequential stages. Therefore, the uniqueness and potential of each child will be recognised, developed and nurtured. 

Children will be encouraged to be independent and assume as much responsibility in his/her surroundings as their skills will allow.

Children develop through exploration, experimentation, and experience within their environment; therefore , they will be given the opportunity to do this in their own way and in their own time.

The worth of the cultural and linguistic diversity that children bring to the centre will be acknowledged and the centre will work to ensure that no child is discriminated against on the basis of gender, age, race, religion, language, ability and culture.


The family is viewed as the child's primary educator and socialiser; therefore, family and teachers working together in a collaborative way will enhance a child's overall development.

There are profound differences in parenting styles, values and expectations; therefore, there will be an aim to be responsive to those different styles.

Acknowledging the uniqueness of each family and the significance and beliefs will be a priority within the program.


Each child has individual differences that need to be accepted and reflected in the program.

Programs will be provided that are responsive to the community needs.

Every child has the right to voice their opinion and assert themselves in a positive manner; therefore, the program will encourage empowerment and confidence.

The program will endeavor to provide flexibility in relation to the child, family and the wider community.


Mar 8 - Committee Meeting at the Preschool 5pm

Term 1 finishing Thurs April 1 for the Easter Break and school holidays

Term 2 is from Mon April 19 to Fri Jun 25 

Fri Aug 6 2021 :  Preschool Open Day from 11am-1pm

AGM Fri Oct 29 starting 6pm at Preschool. Election of parent Committee for 2022.

Term 4 Mon Oct 5 -  First Round

Offer of places for our 2022  Program.

Place confirmed Nov 2021.

Second Round offers Nov 2021

Enrolments Close Dec 10 2021.

Late Expressions of Interest may involve a Third round of Offers Jan 24 2022.