Committee of Management

Our History

On the 24th of August 1953, a meeting was held to form a committee with the aim of starting a preschool in Apollo Bay.  A committee of 17 people were elected, office bearers were appointed and a constitution was instated.  
Many hours of work later, the official opening of Apollo Bay Preschool occurred on August 27th, 1955. We have been in our current building since 1959.  

The Preschool continues to be run by a volunteer committee made up of parents/guardians of our Preschool children who are responsible for management of the Preschool. 


The Apollo Bay Preschool is a not-for-profit, community-run Preschool, managed by a voluntary committee of Management.  The Committee of Management are responsible for the overall management of the Preschool with the Executive Committee forming the legal entity known as the Approved Provider.  

The Committee of Management are responsible for ensuring that the preschool complies with relevant regulations, legislation and funding requirements in addition to financial management including associated fundraising in order to maintain financial viability for the year. The Committee also oversees all maintenance needs as well as staff recruitment and employment.   

All staff members are employed by the Committee of Management. 

The Committee work collaboratively with all staff and families to deliver the best experience of our program and service for each child attending.  

The Committee of Management is elected each year at our AGM.  Given this ever-changing group of volunteers, it is highly important that ALL staff diligently keep track of, and update where necessary, all required qualifications and certifications.  

Committee members can be parents, grandparents, guardians or community members (with approved Working with Children checks).  Staff cannot be committee members but are invited to attend committee meetings.   

In a Meeting

Our 2021 Committee contains parents with all types of skills and expertise. Their careers and life experiences vary with backgrounds in Corporate Services, Small Business ownership, Care work, Book-keeping, Education, Real Estate, Retail and Hospitality.


We encourage you to read through the Management Committee roles prior to our Annual General Meeting on Oct. 29th 2021 and consider seeking nomination to help out in whichever ways you can.

AGM Nomination forms can be downloaded Here.

Email these back to our Preschool to be recorded by our current secretary prior to our meeting.