Sun Protection

Apollo Bay Preschool is committed to the provision of sun protection for all of the centres participants including all staff, committee, children, parents/guardians on duty and any other visitors to the centre from September 1st until April 30th. 

The policy promotes the SunSmart program as set out by The Cancel Council Victoria and recommends:


  • wearing clothing that covers as much skin as possible (no singlets for example)

  • wearing wide-brimmed hats to protect the neck, face, ears and nose (hats are provided for Preschoolers)

  • applying SPF 30+ water resistant sunscreen before each session commences (reminder on the sign-in sheet)

  • taking advantage of shaded areas within the playground

Road Safety

Apollo Bay Preschool is located at 69 McLachlan St, Apollo Bay (corner of McLachlan Street and Pengilley Avenue).  Parking is available on both McLachlan Street and Pengilley Avenue, with parking restrictions surrounding the preschool to allow for bus access and pedestrian visibility.  The speed limit on Pengilley Avenue is 40-50km/h depending on peak school times; on McLachlan Street it is 50km/h. Please ensure preschool-aged children enter and exit vehicles on the kerb-side (not traffic side).

Click here for more information about road safety and children