Our Staff

Preschool Leading Educators 2021          Leeanne Marriner and Kate Hedrick-Wagstaff

Preschool Co-educators                   Annika Toussaint and Donna O'Meara

Administration Manager                  Lyndi Whalen and Ally Hughes

Emergency Educators who may work at our service include                 Jodie Baldwin, Gabby Moore and Diane Carter

Staffing Preschool

Our Leading Educator, and Co-Educators will staff the Mixed Age Preschool program in 2021.  Educators are readily available to help with any problems or concerns. Please feel free to discuss any issues regarding your child with them. Any information about your child's behaviour and/or interests at home is very useful to the Educators, as it enables them to assist your child with his/her specific needs.

With the ongoing risks associated with Cov-id - please note signs on gate and DO NOT ENTER IF UNWELL. Please email the Kinder if you have any queries - apollo.bay.kin@kindergarten.vic.gov.au 

To assist in management tasks, our Voluntary Committee also employs an Administration Manager for 20 hours per week. Lyndi Whalen will be able to assist with any queries in regards to enrolments email her at the Preschool on the above email