Our Staff

Preschool Leading Educator         Carylle Clancy relieving for Leeanne Marriner until mid 2019

Preschool Co-educator                    Annika Toussaint     

Rostered Playgroup Leader            Annika Toussaint     

Administration Manager                 Lyndi Whalen        

Emergency Educators who regularly work at our service include Gabby Moore, Lizzi McLaughlin, and Helene Fabb

Staffing Preschool

Our Leading Educator,and Co-Educator  staff the Preschool. An additional Co-Educator can be employed to assist children with additional needs as required. Educators are readily available to help with any problems or concerns. Please feel free to discuss any issues regarding your child with them. Any information about your child's behaviour and/or interests at home is very useful to the Educators, as it enables them to assist your child with his/her specific needs.


To assist in management tasks, our Voluntary Committee also employs an Administration Manager for 15 hours per week. Lyndi Whalen will be able to assist with any queries in regards to enrolments, terms fees and billing arrangements (office attended Mon & Thu, from 9am).

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